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When Life Happens: What to Do When Life Throws You Curveballs

Let’s set a scenario: You’re going about your life and, for once, everything seems to be going smoothly. You’re doing well at work, your finances are under control, you’re generally healthy and content with the family and friends you have. Then suddenly, something unexpected and devastating happens. Maybe you lose your job, maybe an expensive […]

How Debt Can Haunt You and Your Loved Ones

Halloween is right around the corner, but many Americans aren’t afraid of the dead. It’s debt they’re worried about. Disquieting debt can loom over you like a black cloud, ready to rain down at any moment, with no sign of a kindly ray of sunshine. It makes strong people tremble with fear. There’s no doubt […]

6 Tips to Pay Off Student Loan Debt Fast

Paying off student debt can seem impossible from this perspective, especially if you needed to pull out extra loans to pay for housing while you were in school. And the debt itself is one monster with a little minion on the side called interest. It grows and grows and never seems to stop. But there’s […]

7 Common Causes of Debt

For a lot of Americans, few things instill as much dread as a mountain of debt. It’s hard enough to go about our daily lives with regular expenses along the way. But when a portion of every paycheck gets wiped out thanks to a ton of debt that never seems to go away, it can […]